Average Star Rating (ASR): 3.75 ★'s

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Ocean’s Eleven

Seventeen years after its initial release, this Soderbergh classic still holds up as one of most rewatchable movies of all time. Bolstered by now-iconic performances from Clooney, Pitt, Roberts and Garcia, Ocean's Eleven is a flashy fun heist movie that is universally regarded as one of the best in the genre. ★★★★★

Best Part: The Heist

Worst Part: Not Enough Julia Roberts


Ocean’s Twelve

Everything about this movie seems shoddy: Benedict's motives, Rusty's ex-girlfriend, Julia Roberts' Julia Roberts, the Night Fox, the underutilization of Bernie Mac, etc. With Europe as its backdrop, this globetrotting sequel lacks the coherence and finesse of the original, instead settling for tired gags and banter over true wit. ★★★

Best Part: Matt Damon & Brad Pitt

Worst Part: The Nonsensical Plot

Ocean’s Thirteen

The whole team is back to take revenge on the cruel hotel mogul who gave Reuben a heart attack. After a shaky start, the cast really finds their groove. Frank is on the casino floor, Saul is wearing disguises, the Malloys are bantering, and they’re in a freaking casino again! While it doesn’t quite match up to the slick ingenuity of the first film, it is a worthy addition to the franchise and the perfect finale for the Ocean’s crew. ★★★★

Best Part: Everybody's Back in Action

Worst Part: Not Enough Julia Roberts!!! (it’s not her fight)

Ocean’s 8

In an attempt to recreate the magic of the original film, Ocean's 8 does everything right, just not that well. The heist is pretty entertaining and the characters are fun additions to the Ocean's canon, but there are too many missteps that hold this movie back. It has trouble with humor, the logistics of the heist, and the "twist" (if you have seen the poster and can count, you've figured it out). It's a fun night out, but it's not the classy thriller we all wanted it to be. ★★★

Best Part: The Cast

Worst Part: The "Twist"

David Merkle