What We Learned from the Avengers: Endgame Footage Leak




While we were all fast asleep last night, an anonymous Twitter user with the handle @ThanosIRL leaked 18 minutes of covertly shot cam footage that seemed to show the final moments of Marvel’s upcoming tentpole film, Avengers: Endgame. Though the identity of the user has not been confirmed (his account was swiftly deleted), he captioned the tweet with the phrase “intern perks,” leading some to suspect that the leaker is a former or current intern at Marvel Studios. 

This is undoubtedly the biggest studio leak since the Sony hack in 2014, and there has been a lot of speculation of whether the linked cam footage (which is no longer available online) was even real. But after watching it, we can confirm that it was. So what does the footage really show? Does it reveal the fates of any of our favorite heroes? Short answer, yes. Long answer… keep reading. However, if you do not want Avengers: Endgame spoiled, DO NOT READ FURTHER!


It’s no surprise that the leaked footage reveals a lot about the fate of the Avengers and Thanos. As many have suspected, the “snapped” heroes who fell to ash at the end of Infinity War (including Black Panther, Peter Parker, Doctor Strange, and the Guardians) are brought back to life by the end of Endgame after being trapped inside the Soul Stone.

Additionally, most of the “original Avengers” stay alive as well. Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye all live to fight another day. But where there is happiness and relief, there is also despair. We are sad to confirm that Endgame will mark the final MCU appearance for three of our beloved heroes: Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers and (*sniff sniff*) Tony Stark. After rescuing their friends from the Soul Stone, Captain America, Iron Man, and Hulk take on Thanos in a fist fight in order to buy time for their friends’ escape. It is one of the most harrowing and emotional scenes in all of the MCU, as the three heroes die one by one at the hands of the mad titan.

Following the fist fight, a fatally wounded Thanos is unceremoniously killed by Nebula and Scarlet Witch, who use the Power Stone to obliterate him. But before they do, Thanos utters his last words in a moment that will live in the minds of Marvel fans forever: “April… Fool’s…”

So this is obviously fake, but we hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. Make sure you come back to The Besties Review after Endgame is released for a real recap and review of the movie!

David Merkle