From humble beginnings…

Co-Founders Emily Figueroa and David Merkle (Em and Dave) met during their freshman year at NYU and were immediately drawn to each other — whether that attraction was propelled by a shared love of film or a passion for snuggle is still unknown, but perhaps unimportant. Anyways, after one and a half years of movie-watching and movie-hopping (their record is seven movies in one day), best friends Em and Dave decided to put their awesome movie opinions on the internet. Thus was born The Bestie Awards, an award show of high prestige where movies cast aside by the typically doltish Oscars were recognized for the gems they truly are.

The first Bestie Awards took place in 2017. Em and Dave wrote out their picks for the best of the year on the Apple notes app, screenshotted the results and posted it on Dave’s Facebook. But this wasn’t enough. No, Em and Dave had superior opinions all year round, not just during awards season. They had to continue! And so they did! Em and Dave began writing reviews in early 2018 and eventually moved their operation from Facebook timelines to a website with their own domain. Reel it all in! You are now enveloped in a site born from two movie snobs that ranted on Facebook so often they now have enough content for a website! The Besties Review will post new reviews weekly, and will continue to feature the annual Bestie Awards in February.

We would like to welcome our old friends from Facebook (mostly Dave’s mom’s cronies), as well as any new ones who come our way. Welcome to The Besties Review!